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This has to be every teacher’s nightmare. A group of boys has been accused of feeding their teacher their bodily fluids, including semen and urine.

Crepes with Raspberry Quark

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According to, the group of teen boys has been charged for allegedly tricking some of their teachers into crepes that were laced with their urine and semen. The plot was reportedly preplanned and one of the boys allegedly brought the semen to school in a baggie. The semen was said to have been placed in the crepes and given to a teacher. The other boys are accused of feeding four different teachers barbecue sauced laced with urine.

The students attended Olentangy Hyatts Middle School in Powell, Ohio, and were at the age of 14 at the time of the incident on May 16th. The Delaware County Sherrif’s Office did an investigation and decided to file charges of assault on a teacher, while the remaining four teens have been charged with complicity to assault a teacher. All are class 5 felonies.

The food was sent off for testing to check for contamination. The attorney for four of the boys said in a statement that he believes his clients and urged people to remember they are all eighth-grade boys that were heavily influenced by the Internet. They will be arraigned later this month.


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