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At the beginning of the New Year, I like to have a fresh start. For me, that means a full nail polish evaluation has taken place, make-up brushes are cleaned and closets are organized!

I try to do a closet purge every six months or so for two major reasons. Number one, I want to evaluate what I’m actually wearing and what’s just hanging there looking cute. Number two and most important, I want to create space for new things!


With any resolution or goal setting effort, it’s not enough to make a blanket statement like “I will get more organized”. You have to break that thing down so that it can forever and consistently be broke.

Here are seven resolutions to get that closet in order today:

  1. Categorize: In “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up”, author Marie Kondo advises readers to remove clothing from every closet, drawer and laundry basket in the home and sort the items into categories: tank tops/camisoles, t-shirts, blouses, sweaters/cardigans, blazers, jackets, coats, pants, jeans, skirt, and shorts.
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  1. Piles on Piles on Piles: After the categories have been established, start section-by-section and separate clothing into different piles. You obviously need a somewhat large and dedicated space to execute this effort:
  • Definitely Keeping It!: You will know when you look at it if it’s a keeper or not. The item will bring you some level of excitement!
  • Might be a Keeper (If it Still Fits): This is the pile of clothing that you will need to try on and determine if it stays. This isn’t the time to bring in those weight loss goals. The item needs to fit at the moment of pile conception.
  • Still a Winner But It Just Needs Repair: Some pieces just need a little love and they’re back in action. Keep this pile separate so they’re ready to go for your next visit to the tailor.
  • If It Doesn’t Fit, You Must Quit: This pile should be pretty straightforward. You can’t wear it anymore. Take the emotion out of this process and let it go. Better yet, even it still fits and you haven’t worn or even thought about an article of clothing in over a year add it to this pile.
  1. You’ve Got to Coordinate: Maintain the categories when you add the clothing back into your closet. Create an inviting and magical space by adding coordinated hangers and color-coding your pieces using ROY G. BIV (who remembers this from elementary school?). I’m a huge fan of the wood hangers from IKEA. I’ve, also, heard wonderful things about the thin felt hangers for those of us that are space restricted.
  1. Put your Clothes were Your Eyes Can See: For me, I know If I can’t see it, I forget that I have it and don’t wear it. That’s why organization is key. Often times, when I’m cleaning out my closet, I rediscover a few things and aim to wear them more often by putting them at eye level or where I know I will see them.
  1. Let No Space go Untapped: Use shelf dividers, hooks, storage boxes and baskets to use extra closet space for storage. Create your own personal boutique by putting often hidden items on display.
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  1. Don’t Do Something Strange for Some Change: Consignment stores and online resell options are your friend. Online resellers like The Real Real, Material Wrld and Model Citizen are making it easier for people to re-sell their items online. Some sites are offering incentives to join and including free shipping to mail-in your pieces.
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  1. Thou Shall Give it Away!: For whatever is left over or hasn’t sold, make some fun out of it. Host a closet swap with friends or just take the items to your local Goodwill or Salvation Army for a tax credit.

Honestly, once you get that closet together, you’ll feel at least 85% better about your life.

Do you have any other helpful organization tips? Please leave them in the comments section.

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