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With the ongoing pandemic, the nation is being advised to stay home with the exception of essential employees.  And because of that, a lot of Americans are choosing to order things online.  The question is how safe are the warehouses that provide all of the goods we are shopping for?
According to Business Insider,  Amazon has shut down one of their warehouses indefinitely for the first time after three workers tested positive for COVID-19.  Amazon then shut down the Shepherdsville, Kentucky warehouse for 48 hours, but other workers protested that they did not feel safe returning.

Bloomberg first reported that some of the workers expressed concern that the facility was not providing essential work and did not want to take any risks coming in.
“Staff were told on Monday that the Kentucky facility would close for 48 hours for a deep-clean following the diagnoses. On Wednesday, hours before some workers were due to go on shift, employees received an automated call informing them the facility would stay shut indefinitely for more cleaning, four employees told Bloomberg. Employees will be paid

The call said employees would be paid while the facility was shut down, and the company would get back in touch once it has an opening date.