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Here’s some great news in uncertain times. Reports say that 91% of people that have asked for a break in payments on their credit cards have been approved!

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According to, a new survey by found almost all financial institutions are offering breaks on credit card and mortgage payments right now.  And over 90% of people who’ve asked for help have gotten it. 91% of people who’ve asked for a break on credit card payments have been approved.  Including 67% who said they got a break on ALL their cards.


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And 91% of homeowners who asked to pause their mortgage payments have also had success. The survey found young people are even more likely to get a “yes” right now.  But not everyone realizes it’s something they can request. 18% of people who hadn’t asked for help said they didn’t realize it was an option.  And women were twice as likely as men to say they haven’t asked for help yet.


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