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Now this is not something that you hear everyday. A Senior Engineer and VP at Amazon quit because he did not like the way that the company fired employees for protesting working conditions. He walked away from $1M in salary. Kudos to Him!

According to Vice, Tim Bray, who is the senior engineer and vice president at Amazon, has stepped down from his position because he does not approve of the way they fired protesting employee’s. In an open letter on his website, Bray, who has worked at the company for nearly six years, called the company “chickenshit” for firing and disparaging employees who have organized protests. He also said the firings are “designed to create a climate of fear.”

Bray added that Amazon’s strategy throughout the coronavirus crisis has been to fire dissenters and disparage them both in the press and behind closed doors. Workers have repeatedly said the company isn’t doing enough to protect them. Last week, Amazon ended a program that allowed workers to take unlimited unpaid time off if they fear getting sick from the coronavirus. Last Friday, Amazon workers together with Target, FedEx, Instacart, and Whole Foods workers, went on strike to protest their working conditions.

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