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Keisha Green

Source: Calvin Finkley / Calvin Finkley

Despite every obstacle stacked against Keisha Green, the bilateral amputee and mom of three has always prevailed. Born into one of the top ten poverty stricken cities in the United States, Green dropped out of high school in her senior year to care for her son. The Syracuse-bred pageant queen has overcome insurmountable odds to become a successful businesswoman, author and current holder of the Miss Georgia title.

In a candid exchange, Keisha opened up about life after the car accident that almost claimed her life, building her business and living out her God-given purpose through the crown.

Keisha Green

Source: Calvin Finkley / Calvin Finkley

On August 23, 2013, three years after relocating from Syracuse to Atlanta, Keisha was involved in a car accident that left her legs severed at the scene.

While comatose, Keisha said she underwent a supernatural experience that connected her closer to God. “I was on the ventilator for two days, but in actuality, I spent two days with the Lord,” she shared. “He assured me that the legs I had couldn’t walk into the territory that He was taking me in to.”

She had no idea that her newly uncovered purpose would later include becoming an author of two books, international speaker, and a real estate developer focused on providing luxury properties for the amputee community.

In three short weeks, Keisha was released from the hospital with renewed purpose. She found herself readjusting to her new life as a bilateral amputee and redefining her perception of beauty.

“Prior to the accident, I never thought about running in a pageant, and what’s amazing is that I believed I had a better chance of winning  from the wheelchair than I would’ve with legs,” the reigning queen says.

Keisha Green

Source: Calvin Finkley / Calvin Finkley

Like most of us, the mother to three boys tells us that her stereotypes of pageant queens were like anyone else’s – “petite, beautiful, flawless, magazine type women.” Keisha knew that running for a pageant was bigger than her and she was able to challenge typical notions of beauty by winning a title that inspires other young women.

I’ve always known beauty comes from the inside, but I also thought it was about the way you looked, walked, talked, and how fly you could be,” she explained. “When I was released from the hospital after my accident, I went home, put on a dress and did my makeup to see if I was still beautiful. In that moment, I felt like it had nothing to do with having legs.”

She continued,

“I was inspired to run for Ms. Wheelchair Georgia because I felt like it would be a phenomenal experience, and that I needed to share this with my platform. Winning the title felt amazing and is one of the greatest memories I’ll always hold dear to my heart.”

Keisha Green

Source: Calvin Finkley / Calvin Finkley

In addition to being a pageant queen, Keisha is a celebrated business owner of multiple brands, including being the founder of Legless & Wheelchair Divas (501C3), a community that was created for women that are either in a wheelchair or amputees. “I was inspired to create the foundation because I did not have access to the essential items I needed when I returned home after my accident,” she shared. “Our mission is to provide accessibility items to those that are in need, as well as helping to rebuild their lives in order to become a boss using their abilities without focusing on their disability.”

When asked what legacy she hopes to leave for young Black girls who now look to her as the new standard of beauty, it is Keshia’s goal to show women that a person’s perception or treatment of them is based upon the amount of confidence they have in themselves. “If you feel like you’re extremely beautiful and walk with your head held high and in authenticity, people will follow how you feel.”


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