TV One’s Digital Media Group has launched its first webseries, The Cube Life, based around the hilarious scenarios that all coworkers experience in daily, close-quartered office life. The scripted show centers around a cast of young black professionals looking to make the next big move in their careersat An Entertainment Company, the DMV’s top media company.

Each of the employees is in search of a way to shine as he or she competes for the opportunity to move from his or her crowded cube to the big offices (doors are so necessary). In the midst of their daily workload these strangers become more than just co-workers, but as they get closer personally, their private business becomes less and less that.

That’s evident in the pilot episode of The Cube Life, where

one person’s speculation spawns an impromptu office-sponsored baby shower. The comedy and drama in An Entertainment Company’s productions and videos can’t surpass the antics that take place behind the scenes at the office. In an upcoming episode, co-workers are pitted against one another for a promotion their company can’t ultimately afford.

“In recent months, we have dramatically increased the traffic to and made it a “go to” destination for original video that supports and extends the content viewers can see on TV One,” said TV One Vice President of Digital Media Orlena Blanchard. “To build on the entertainment value of, we want to offer fresh content that stays true to the TV One brand, but also offers another reason for our audience to visit us online. We hope The Cube Life will fill that bill, and strike a chord with those who have experienced the idiosyncrasies of modern office life, where young professionals often forge the greatest friendships and the deepest rivalries, sometimes simultaneously.”

The executive producer and creator of The Cube Lifeis Ashley Grayson of TV One’s Digital Media Group.

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