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Dove 0% aluminum-free deodorant

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I’d like to consider myself a deodorant connoisseur. I went on a quest to find an effective antiperspirant that eliminates sweat and odor. After going through countless trials and errors with clinical strength options, I decided to go the all-natural route. I took a page from Saweetie’s book and used lemon under my arms. And while that eliminated the odor, it did nothing for the constant sweating. I began making my deodorant, but the harsh effects of baking soda made my pits darker. I eventually started using Lume, which worked great during the winter, spring, and fall seasons but would instantly betray me when the temperature hit 75 degrees.

I planned to stand beside Lume and pray for the best this summer, and then Dove entered the chat with their latest product, an aluminum, baking soda, and alcohol-free deodorant that boasts 48-hour odor protection. 

Dove introduced their new formula during a cookie-making event in NYC. It was there, the experts discussed the highlights of their aluminum-free deodorant. As someone who has sampled just about every available product out there, I was a little skeptical. But I figured there’s no harm in testing another product to see how my pits respond.

Two Weeks of Dove

So after 2+ weeks of testing Dove’s aluminum-free deodorant, I’m impressed. There were tons of pros to the product and minimal cons. Starting with my only negative feedback, I didn’t experience 48 hours of freshness. For the most part, I could go 24 hours and maintain a good scent, but by that 25th hour, it was time to shower and reapply. The odor wasn’t the typical “natural” smell that you get with natural deodorants. It reminded me that although the formula has changed, there is a difference between the all-natural brand and Dove’s aluminum-free deodorant.

On to the pros, I experience no irritability, no odors, and little to no sweating. These three factors were critical because I struggled to find a product that prioritized them all. I felt more confident using this product because I knew I could still lift my hands in the air by the end of the night and not feel self-conscious. I also loved that there are a variety of scents, offered in both a spray and roll on. I currently use the formula for sensitive skin, and it has a soft, refreshing scent.

The real test will come this summer, when the weather is blazing. For now, Dove’s 0% exceeded my very minimal expectations. You can shop the latest formula at your local Target, Walmart, or anywhere deodorants are sold.

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