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Radio host Rickey Smiley has officially responded to fellow comedian Katt Williams’ comments and criticisms during a recent interview with Shannon Sharpe.

Williams said during an episode of the Club Shay Shay podcast that he took issue with Smiley’s description of the roles both men played in the Friday After Next movie that was released in 2000.

Williams, who played a pimp character named Money Mike, claims Smiley — who portrayed a Santa Claus character — said that role was not made for Williams.

“This man told you he had Katt Williams’ role. He was going to be Money Mike, and Katt Williams was going to be the Santa Claus,” Williams said on the podcast episode released Wednesday. “We auditioned in Los Angeles. I was audition No. 201. Two-hundred Black comedians auditioned for the role of Money Mike with me. You’re saying all 201 of us was auditioning, and you had already had the role and had already shot the role in four days?”

On Thursday, Smiley officially responded during his eponymous morning radio show and disputed Williams’ claims.

“I had no reason to lie about that,” Smiley said. “They added that whole pimp twist to that character, which was actually a better decision and made it funnier. There was no way in the hell I could have executed that role like that and I’m glad that they made that decision.”

Smiley added: “Personally, I liked the pimp role better, but the Santa Claus role was just perfect for me.”

Smiley posted the audio from his morning show on his Instagram.

Smiley wasn’t the only comedian Williams took aim at during the interview.

He also had choice words for Steve Harvey, Cedric the Entertainer and Kevin Hart, among others.

Cedric the Entertainer immediately responded to accusations that he stole a comedy routine from Williams.

In a nearly illegible response on Instagram, Cedric the Entertainer referred to Williams’ comments as “revisionist history.”

Footage of Williams performing his joke in 1998 and Cedric the Entertainer performing a variation of the same joke two years later was posted to social media for users to make their own determinations about who is telling the truth.



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