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Twitter just added another enormous name to its repertoire of celebrity tweeters – LeBron James. According to Chris Paul’s (verified) Twitter, you can find LeBron @KingJames.

UPDATE: We’re hearing some chatter on Twitter that the @KingJames account has been active for a few months already. So, a few possibilities. Either 1) LeBron took over the account, it’s genuinely him, and Chris Paul broke some major Twitter news; 2) the account actually is new, it’s LeBron, and Paul was right; 3) someone snookered Paul and he passed along bad info (possible, but seems unlikely); or 4) Paul was just having some fun with all of us. If it’s option 4: Chris Paul, you devil, you.

We’ll stay on top of this, and in the meantime, you may all return to your lives.

LeBron’s supposed account is brand-new, not yet verified, and without any tweets at the moment, but if Paul, a good friend of LeBron, says it’s the real thing, we’re inclined to believe him. Here’s Paul’s fateful tweet:

**Couldn’t convince him to tell me which team he’s goin to but convinced him to join twitter lol…my brother from another mother @KINGJAMES



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