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21 Reasons Why Black Organizations Fail

by Haki Madhubuti

1. Don’t have an accurate understanding of the Institution’s programs and objectives. Do not attend briefing sessions and therefore find yourself unable to push the programs of the Institutions.

2. Don’t attend meetings. If you do attend come on your own time and leave when you get ready even it it’s in the middle of the meeting.

3. Never offer constructive advice or criticism to the Institution and if you have anything negative or inimical to say, say it on the outside where it can be heard only by the enemies of the Institution.

4. When a decision is made by the collective, go home and talk bad about the decision and do nothing unless it is in opposition to the collective decision.

5. Upon becoming a part of the Institution, always push your personality or the program and refuse to adapt to the programs and personality of the Institution.

6. Always find fault with the people in positions of responsibility, and do not discuss it with them, but go to the enemies outside the Institution with your criticism.

7. Be as inactive as possible while always talking about what the Institution is not doing and what “it is” supposed to be doing.

8. If asked about your inactivity, space on the question and talk about the inactivity of others to cover yourself.

9. When attending a meeting, always sit in the back of the room where you can talk while the proceedings are going on.

10. Get all the benefits the Institution can give, but give nothing back. This will surely limit the growth of the Institution. Always try to take more than you put in.

11. Talk collective cooperation but never cooperate. Always eat but never bring food.

12. Never push the Institution: always push yourself at the expense of the Institution and its programs

13. Never bring new people. Talk about organizing, but don’t organize.

14. If you can’t get your way, threaten to resign and push to see that others leave with you.

15. Never fulfill your obligations. If asked to help, never have time. When you do take an assignment, half-do it.

16. Never become an “officer”, if elected. It is easier to bad mouth and talk about the irresponsibility of others than it is to assume responsibility and direct projects yourself.

17. Have the attitude that nothing is as important as your theories and ideas even if they have been proven unworkable and conflict with the Institution and Our people’s struggle.

18. When given an assignment never follow through to completion. And when confronted with your shortcomings, act insulted as if someone is questioning your commitment to the struggle.

19. Seek leadership positions, but do not work and study commensurate with the position you seek.

20. Always maintain a negative attitude toward the Institution as well as the members of the Institution. In fact, make negativism your program.

21. Never offer anything constructive in the development of an ideological or philosophical base to operate from, but be highly critical of what everybody else offers.