Didn’t she help her husband promote the bother movement? Twitter did not receive the First Lady’s “Happy National African American History Month” tweet on Tuesday. Melania Trump decided on Feb 13 would be the perfect timing to acknowledge Black History Month but it turned into another fail on her part. As you see many tweeters did […]

Madonna, in efforts to promote her 13th album, “Rebel Heart,” has taken to using images of black Civil Rights leaders and musicians and likened them…

Proceed with caution. SOURCE 1. Even if there’s too much cat in your cat daddy. Via wattafail.blogspot.com 2. Even if your time on the pole gets out of control. Via youtube.com 3. Even if your cha cha slide is more of a ha ha slide. 4. Even if your moonwalk experiences some gravity. Via thehayseed.tumblr.com 5. Even if there’s too much bump in […]

This is not a tale of triumph. It is a tale of laziness, and most of us are well-acquainted with it. SOURCE RELATED::The Entertaining And Cringe-Inducing Ways Urban Outfitters Describes Its Customers To Wall Street RELATED::LAURYN HILL PUTS OFF PRISON, SIGNS MILLION-DOLLAR DEAL WITH SONY Stage 1: Motivation. Your mission to get fit starts with […]

Pinterest — 1, Hopeful Bakers & Crafters — 0 SOURCE RELATED::Comfortable In Her Skin: Kelly Rowland Proves Brown Skin Is In! [PHOTOS] RELATED::The 17 Best Swag Gifts Obama Has Received From Foreign Leaders You know that feeling you get when you’ve successfully completed a Pinterest project? Yeah, me neither. I once learned how to do the sock […]

Seplling is hard. Exxxxspecially when it comes to names. SOURCE RELATED::What You’re Saying With Your Underwear RELATED::I Gave My Wife or Girlfriend A Terrible Gift For Valentine’s Day [VIDEO] 1. Briany

Last year yielded a few new trends we liked, some we grew tired of, and many we really never liked (hidden wedge heels inside sneakers just seem so masochistic). Suddenly not feeling your neon clothing anymore (or perhaps you’ve singed your retinas)? Fear not! Fashion is cyclical and you may want that bright chartreuse dress […]

21 Reasons Why Black Organizations Fail by Haki Madhubuti 1. Don’t have an accurate understanding of the Institution’s programs and objectives. Do not attend briefing sessions and therefore find yourself unable to push the programs of the Institutions. 2. Don’t attend meetings. If you do attend come on your own time and leave when you […]

So Chris Brown and Tyga released a mixtape last night called ‘Fan of a Fan’ and on one track Chris tries to fool us all by naming it “Ain’t Thinking About You” but he clearly IS thinking about “you” – if “you” means Rihanna. “We done been together for a minute / now it feels […]