Ok, I couldn’t help but giggle at this a little bit. With all of the ‘greatest of’ lists that are circulating the internet, someone decided to make a ‘Top Greatest H*es of All Time List.’ There is one h*e that is rather disturbed that she didn’t come in at #1 on this list. I think […]

Amber has no regrets about saying she wishes Bill Cosby does 10 yrs in prison and then dies the day he gets out. She was met with backlash for her harsh comments but says she does not take back what she said. Over the weekend she doubled down on her comment posting: ***EXPLICIT LANGUAGE*** Her […]

Amber Rose says she has enough of everybody jacking her swag but talking down on her. She has called out artist like Fergie and Nicki Minaj for style stealing and copying her brand of feminism. Amber gave an example, saying that she and Blac Chyna graffiti outfits for the VMAs have been copied by another designer […]

Wiz Khalifa and Sebastian Taylor Thomaz are nothing short of father-son goals. Wiz took he and Amber Rose’s son to Coachella over the weekend to enjoy the festival and celebrate Easter. Sebastian kicked it poolside with his dad and racked up on eggs during the Easter Egg Hunt. Luckily, there was someone around to document […]

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Amber Rose may be regretting a statement she made at the All Def Movie Awards on Wednesday. In a video released, the model and entrepreneur excited the audience when she announced that she’s buying the popular L.A. strip club Ace of Diamonds. Well, it looks like Ace of Diamonds is not too happy with her words. The […]


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Amber Rose has no shame in her game when it comes to living life on her own terms.

Amber Rose got lucky and found a man whose clap back game is as strong as hers. After Muva and new boo, Val Chmerkovskiy, announced their relationship to the world via Instagram, both of their comment sections were filled with hateful messages about their union. But Val may have won Amber’s heart all over again […]


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While you were cutting your slice of Turkey and piling on mac n cheese, celebrities were doing the same this week for Thanksgiving.


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