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Amber has no regrets about saying she wishes Bill Cosby does 10 yrs in prison and then dies the day he gets out. She was met with backlash for her harsh comments but says she does not take back what she said. Over the weekend she doubled down on her comment posting:


Her caption read, “No you wouldn’t. So stfu. Everyone said “Awwww poor Bill Cosby, he’s gonna die in the first 2 years of his sentence” ??? But I said “I hope he serves the full 10 years then dies” I’m wrong and wishing death on him? ? FOH Stand up for a R*pist if y’all want to. I said what the f*ck I said PS the only reason shit was deleted on the last Bill Cosby post is cuz you can’t put our “pres” name and “die” in the same caption or FB will f*ck ur algorithm up and I’ll be damned if I let two sexual predators f*ck with my money.”

Your Thoughts on Amber’s Comments?