Will your holiday traditions change because of the coronavirus? With the holiday season, starting with Thanksgiving, now just two and three months away, Americans are facing the decision of how they will celebrate amid the coronavirus pandemic this year.   A recent Morning Consult poll found that 71 percent said their holiday traditions will change, […]

People are calling for Netflix to be canceled because of a movie called “Cuties”, where 11-year-old girls perform a sexually charged dance routine.  It’s meant to be shocking, but a lot of people think it goes way too far.. This is the clip that has everyone on edge:  ***MAY BE GRAPHIC FOR SOME***   According to […]

The Annual Arnold Sports Festival is getting some push back and concern from the citizens of Central Ohio in the form of an online petition to stop the event from happening. A petition has been established on voicing concerns about the COVID-19 coronavirus. The festival that begins Thursday (March 5th) is said to bring […]

The meeting has been canceled. President Trump wrote a letter to Kim Jong Jun saying their planned meeting is not gonna happen. The summit had been planned for June 12.     President Trump said he is “waiting” for Kim Jong Un to “engage in constructive dialogue and actions” — but until then, US sanctions against North […]

Aretha Franklin is finally giving her body the respect that it needs. The 74-year old songstress had to cancel several shows, including two New York performances at Radio City Music Hall, because of her health. Franklin released a statement saying, “Due to doctors’ orders I will have to cancel a few concerts for the next month or so.” The […]

People are split on how the couple should handle the bill, with experts saying RSVPs should not be neglected and answered right away.   GOLDEN…