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People are calling for Netflix to be canceled because of a movie called “Cuties”, where 11-year-old girls perform a sexually charged dance routine.  It’s meant to be shocking, but a lot of people think it goes way too far..

This is the clip that has everyone on edge:  ***MAY BE GRAPHIC FOR SOME***


According to the DailyDot, the movie is about a group of 11-year-old girls in a sexually suggestive dance troupe.  And a video of their routine from the end of the film is going viral this week, because it’s REALLY, REALLY uncomfortable. For what it’s worth, “Cuties” is getting decent reviews, and you’re SUPPOSED to be uncomfortable with the way the girls are dancing.  And the people watching the routine in the movie obviously are.


The clip that went viral cuts off before Amy, the main character, is unable to finish the dance, and runs offstage crying.  Still, it’s really shocking to watch that dance.  Even though that’s the point of the scene, should they have gone that far???

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