As March Madness kicked off on Thursday, the debate of if college players should get paid an annual salary to play sports still is being debated. The Huffington Post posted a poll on their website to see how people felt about collegiate athletes getting paid an $5,000 a year salary. The poll broke down the results […]

To all who voted Republican in last year’s election, be careful what you wish for! The Republicans lead by House Speaker Paul Ryan are coming through with the promise they sold you to repeal Obamacare but oh you will have to pay a big price. Monday the CBO confirmed what many have been warning about […]

Jemele Hill and Michael Smith are one of our favorite sports duos but they have given us all life with their Sportscenter twist to the classic A Different World intro. The co-hosts of SC6 pretty much killed it! Original show castmates included Dawnn Lewis’ Jaleessa, Sinbad’s Coach Walter, Darryl M. Bell’s Ron, and Glynn Turman’s Colonel Taylor just […]

Prom is one of the biggest days in your life and one you will always remember about high school. Especially for the young ladies who want to feel like princesses. This year a pop-up shop will do just that. The Fairy Goodmothers will be opening their Cinderella’s Closet Boutique this spring just in time for prom. […]

What would you do if you learn you got fired off a breaking news story? Welp 46 attorneys are on 10 for having found out that their boss Attorney General Jeff Sessions asked for their resignations but didn’t have the guts to ask it from them. CNN broke the story of the Justice Department getting rid […]

Muhammad Ali Jr, the son of the great boxer Muhammad Ali, was one of the thousands who was affected by President Donald Trump’s first travel (Muslim ban) ban. Since being released and the president drafting up a second revised travel ban, Ali Jr was yet again detained by authorities. This happen when he was trying to leave […]