Dr. Conrad Murray will always be linked to the death of pop icon Michael Jackson. And it seems as if that’s an association he’s more than comfortable with. His new tell-all memoir, This is It!: The Secret Lives of Dr. Conrad Murray and Michael Jackson’, has been met with much criticism but he assures that it’s […]

LOS ANGELES — The California Supreme Court refused Wednesday to review the involuntary manslaughter conviction of Michael Jackson‘s doctor, rejecting his lawyer’s petition without comment.…

After hearing about Paris Jackson‘s suicide attempt Dr. Conrad Murray decided it was fitting to reach out to the daughter of the late Michael Jackson.…

What are they serving for dinner in the wing of the jail that houses Dr. Conrad Murray? Dr. Murray, who has been convicted for the death of Michael Jackson, decided to call in to Anderson Cooper 360 to discuss why he will not testify for Katherine Jackson in her case against insurance giant AEG. However, […]

As we previously reported, Katherine Jackson, Michael Jackson‘s mother is suing entertainment industry titan AEG for 50 Billion dollars! Mrs. Jackson is claiming AEG was negligent in hiring Dr. Conrad Murray, who was found to be criminally negligent for the death of Michael Jackson in a court of law. According to TMZ, Conrad Murray was going to […]

Dr. Conrad Murray who faced up to four years behind bars at his sentencing today on his manslaughter conviction for administering a deadly anesthetic to Michael Jackson was sentenced to the maximum of 4 years in prison. But Murray will not spend a single day in prison because of a new California law. He’ll serve […]

According to XConnect: UPDATE: CONRAD MURRAY TRIAL DAY 15 For the past couple days of the Conrad Murray trial, Dr. Steven Shafer — one of the world’s foremost experts on propofol — has torn into Dr. Conrad Murray, disputing Murray’s version of Michael Jackson’s death. The courtroom is now tense and testy as the defense […]

According to XConnect: Lawyers Defend Dr. Murray’s Right to Work! Dr. Conrad Murray’s medical license was suspended in California when Murray was ordered to stand trial for Michael Jackson’s death. But, so far, Murray is still free to practice medicine in Texas and Nevada. The medical boards in those states did not automatically pull Murray’s state license […]