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For the past couple days of the Conrad Murray trial, Dr. Steven Shafer — one of the world’s foremost experts on propofol — has torn into Dr. Conrad Murray, disputing Murray’s version of Michael Jackson’s death.

The courtroom is now tense and testy as the defense team takes their turn. On Friday, it was Shafer’s turn to sweat it out, as Murray’s defense team got their chance to cross-examine him. Defense attorney Ed Chernoff took every opportunity to shake Shafer up, questioning the equipment he had used the day before to demonstrate how Jackson might have died, and dismissing Shafer’s testimony as “opinion.”

The day ended with Shafer telling defense that there was no measurement of the propofol in Jackson’s brain included in his coroner’s report — which should spark a robust discussion when court resumes today.

At one point, Chernoff became testy with Shafer, snapping, “You do understand the difference between opinion and fact, don’t you? You do understand that everything you’ve said in the last two days is your opinion, don’t you?”

Chernoff added, “Would you be at all surprised if other medical experts disagree with you?” That earned an objection from the prosecution team, which Judge Michael Pastor sustained. Judge Pastor several times called Chernoff’s questions “argumentative” even before the defense objected