A warning about counterfeit money is going out across central Ohio. Westerville police and the U.S. Secret Service say someone is circulating fake $100.00 bills. Crooks are making the funny money by bleaching $1.00 bills and then digitally printing images of old $100.00 notes. If you have a suspected counterfeit bill, you’re asked to call […]

Kroger shoppers are being warned about a fake coupon making the rounds on social media. A Kroger spokesperson reportedly said, the “$60.00 off” coupon spotted on Facebook was unauthorized and WILL NOT be honored! Kroger executives are working with Facebook to block the coupon’s poster. Imagine that, get all the way to the register, cart […]

  A slow NFL news day was interrupted on Tuesday when the league’s Twitter account posted an update claiming that Commissioner Roger Goodell was dead at age 57. Obviously, the tweet was immediately speculated to be the result of a hack. That theory would prove to be correct, as the NFL’s head of PR sent […]

Police say fake iPhones are being sold through Craigslist in Reynoldsburg. Police say Dierre Buckhanon was arrested after trying to sell one of the fakes to an undercover officer and he’d been selling them to people in parking lots. Police didn’t say how many fake phones they think he sold. Police say a white bar […]

  Oops! A United Airlines employee forgot to fill in the blanks when sending an apology letter to a customer, and now everyone on the…


Did any of y’all take advantage of a free pizza from Donatos last night? I saw social media going crazy about what appeared to be free pizza there, but didn’t know what the heck was going on. So, come to find out an old promotional coupon went viral causing some locations to close. The coupon was […]

STRONGSVILLE, Ohio – A Strongsville mother is warning other parents after two men, who may have been posing as police officers, offered her 11-year-old daughter…