Four people are dead and several others are in custody after a shooting at a St. Louis business, officials said. Police say two men and…


This is the most shocking video to ever come out of a prison. You think that inmates don’t have access to illegal substances? Well check out this video of these inmates shooting heroin, snorting coke, smoking crack, pulling out guns, drinking beer, shooting dice, ALL ON CAMERA! Like Magic 106.3 on Facebook to stay updated […]


Al Sharpton railed against gun advocate Larry Ward on his Monday MSNBC show for what he called “changing facts” about slavery and “distorting” the legacy…

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Whether it’s the rise in Chicago’s murder rate, people using the “Stand Your Ground” law as means to justify use of a firearm, or the recent mass shootings at a theater in Colorado, a mall in Oregon, or an elementary school in Connecticut, one thing is certain: senseless murders must be stopped. Many celebrities such […]


VIA NBC4i.COM COLUMBUS, Ohio — Gunfire rang out in front of a Columbus elementary school Friday as a school employee was robbed. The robbery happened just before 8 a.m. in the parking lot of Seibert Elementary School located at 385 Reinhard Avenue on the South Side. Columbus police told NBC 4 the school secretary was […]