There is a new and disturbing video that has gone viral! L.A. County sheriffs are seen pointing guns at the three black teenagers that they were called to help. They kept their guns drawn on the teens even after witnesses and bystanders told them that the boys were the actual victims. Check out the footage […]


According to CNN.Com, there have been at least 31 incidents at K-12 schools in the United States in which someone was shot. That averages out to a shooting every 11.8 days. Many questions come to mind such as How are guns getting easily into the school? How can we find way to prevent gun violence? […]

A teacher who is also a reserve police officer trained in firearm use accidentally discharged a gun yesterday at Seaside High School in Monterey County, California. The incident happened  during a class devoted to public safety. A male student was reported to have sustained non-life-threatening injuries. The weapon was pointed at the ceiling at the […]


Ohio’s new concealed-carry law is in effect. Senate Bill 199 kicked in at Tuesday at midnight, expanding the list of places where permit holders can carry guns including daycare centers, private planes and non-secure areas of airports. Guns remain banned on college campuses, but officials can allow certain people or groups to be armed. Follow […]

More single Black women are packing pistols. “There is a high uptick of African-Americans buying guns across the country,” said Philip Smith, president of the 14,000-member National African-American Gun Association. “We are enrolling members in gun clubs in record numbers and Black women are driving gun sales,” Smith said. “More women are buying guns and […]

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An armed "gang" was arrested after doing the Mannequin Challenge with guns, according to a new report and video that has been floating around on Facebook.


The Columbus police officer who shot and killed 13 year old Tyre King, may not ever return to the street. Police Chief Kim Jacobs reportedly said officer Bryan Mason is on desk duty, while the investigation continues. It was Mason’s 4th on-duty shooting in his nine-year career. Chief Jacobs also said taking Bryan Mason off […]


    Maxwell, Alicia Keys and Swiss Beatz were among a list of high profile celebs speaking out against police brutality.  ’23 Ways You Could Be Killed If You Are Black In America’ PSA from MIC’s highlighting ways that innocent African Americans have lost their lives to police. With the recent police incidents in Baton Rouge […]