COLUMBUS, Ohio — According to,Columbus City Council approved $5.3 million to fund programs aimed at fighting the city’s homeless problem. The funding is set to pay for outreach programs, homeless shelters, long-term housing and more. City lawmakers were the master in approving this fund and it will be available right away. As shared on […]

If you live in Columbus, Ohio or Louisville, Kentucky, then you have definitely heard of one of the hottest eateries in town, Super Chef’s Restaurant! Meet the founder and owner, Darnell Ferguson who went from homeless and incarcerated to owning three establishments. According to, Ferguson realized how much he enjoyed cooking in vocational school. […]

  Click Play Below:   This seems like the best idea ever! The City of Ft. Worth Texas, pays their homeless $10 an hour, plus benefits, and paid time off, to help keep the city clean. It allows the homeless to generate some type of income while improving the environment. Last year, they employed over […]

Rachel Dolezal became the face for challenging identity and beliefs when it was discovered that she was a white woman, living her life and identifying as a black woman. After publishing a book, receiving major backlash and becoming the laughing stock of the Internet, Dolezal is now speaking out about her current life conditions, revealing […]

Your favorite fake Black woman is back two years later with a new book on race.   Your favorite fake Black woman Rachel Dolezal recently told The Guardian that she is currently on food stamps and is on the verge of homelessness without a job. She also claims that she is struggling to take care of […]

Sign Up For Our Newsletter! We’re all counting down to 2017’s most anticipated TV moment: BET’s New Edition Story, and the star studded cast is drumming up just as much excitement as the iconic group did for over two decades! R&B Singer Tank has a role in this 3-part biopic, and his connection with his […]

Officer Matthew Luckhurst’s lawyer said that even though his client bragged about the act to his colleagues, it never really happened.   ASan Antonio, Texas police officer has been fired after putting fecal matter between two pieces of bread and feeding it to a homeless person. According to, San Antonio City Council members were briefed about […]

A homeless Sacramento woman caused a stir this week when she was spotted walking through the city carrying a human skull on a stick. Though her identity has not been made public, local police say they’ve opened an investigation to determine the identity of the deceased person after she led them to the site of […]

A New Mexico mother was reminded of her own homeless past after her young son began to ask to take two lunches to school everyday.

“It’s a night to remember.” Although prom might seem like a standard part of a high school student’s experience, the special night isn’t a reality for many teenagers who face financial burdens. But last Saturday, a group of 40 students from Chicago got the opportunity to attend a prom hosted by two local non-profit organizations, reports […]

Sybil Wilkes sits down with a remarkable teen who is helping the homeless one sock at a time. 13-year-old Princess Jackson with the help of…

MUSCATINE, Iowa — An Iowa man who offered two panhandlers a job is shown in a viral photo holding a sign that reads “Don’t give…