This coronavirus pandemic is affecting all types of businesses and share ride giant Uber is the latest to make cuts. According to AP, Uber said yesterday (May 6th) that it’s cutting 3,700 full-time workers, which is about 14 percent of its workforce. It is  the latest layoffs affecting “sharing economy” companies, which have been hurt […]


Rideshare service, Lyft has several competitors to juggle with in the ever so popular world of ride sharing. It seems like a new company is constantly popping up trying to get in the game. In an effort to continue to stand out, Lyft has launched a brand new Jobs Access Program in over 35 cities […]

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The organization and tech company look to inspire and develop the next generation of STEM professionals. Black Girls CODE has teamed up with Lyft to inspire more women of color to want to enter the tech world. Black Girls CODE specifically focuses on STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) in regards to black girls. Their […]