You got questions? These nine television hosts probably had them too, for a wide array of celebrities, politicians, athletes, and everyday people with amazing stories. Check out our list of the nine best black television talk show hosts. 1. Oprah Winfrey Initially The Oprah Winfrey Show was just another talk show when it debuted in […]

Will Bobby Brown be getting his own reality show courtesy of Mo’Nique? VIA MAJICATL.COM Heads of State gallery:

VIA MAJICATL.COM As we previously reported, Oscar-winning actress/comedian/talk show host Mo’Nique came out to Majic 107.5 / 97.5’s ATL Summer Jam! Mo’Nique was front and center in the audience and could be seen jamming with the rest of the crowd to Donnell Jones, Faith Evans, Tony Toni Tone’ and the Heads of State (Bobby Brown, […]

The recent news of Mo’Nique’s brother coming out to apologize about molesting her has everyone talking. People want to know how it happened, and how it has affected this new shining star. Here is a good story from The Chosen Chick that addresses this issue. VIA THE CHOSEN CHICK …actress and comedienne Mo’Nique’s brother, Gerald […]

The brother of Oscar winner Mo’Nique appeared on Oprah yesterday and admitted he molested the actress when they were children and wants to apologize to her.

(From blackvoices) On today’s episode of ‘The Oprah Winfrey Show,’ the revered media maven will take the sexual-abusing sibling of Oscar winner Mo’Nique to task.

Eva Marcille interviewed with Mo’Nique recently and she gave the real deal on the modeling industry – she discussed the behind-the-scenes routine that models really go through before the public sees them on the catwalk (think veneers and taped eye lids), plaguing weight and body issues, and teaches the host how to walk in fierce […]

Fantasia stopped by The Mo’Nique Show on Wednesday to promote her upcoming yet-untitled album. The singer performed “Even Angels” and took time out to sit down for a chat with the comedienne.

The day after winning an Academy Award, Mo’Nique was spotted in a beautiful purple dress showing off her trademark hairy legs on Monday.

Monique says the secret to longevity in her marriage is to allow her husband, Sidney Hicks, to stray.