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Comedian and actress Mo’Nique was invited on The View to talk about her Netflix boycott when things took a turn for the worse.

Wrapped up in a previous conflict between her, Tyler PerryOprah Winfrey, and Lee Daniels, Mo’Nique started to complain about their strained relationship, according to Page Six.

Like she said in the past, Mo’Nique explained that she and her career were being punished by Daniels, Winfrey and Perry for not promoting the film Precious internationally.

In comes Whoopi Goldberg who wasn’t having any of it! As someone who’s won an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony she knows her stuff!

As Mo’Nique continued to complain about the incident, Whoopi interrupted her saying, “I’m going to stop you because contractually, when you make a movie, regardless of who you sign the deal with, your job is to go and promote said movie.”

Mo’Nique responded, “What Tyler Perry showed me, Lee Daniels, Oprah Winfrey and Lionsgate is that, ‘When you don’t do what we ask you to do, we will take your livelihood.’ ”

She went on to talk about how much her family and her career suffered because she rose above saying, “I did not allow the bullying to happen, this is what I sit in.”

Representatives from Perry and Daniels didn’t comment while Winfrey’s representatives have said nothing.