It’s never easy to lose a parent. Our prayers go out to Miami rapper Trina, she recently lost her mom to a battle with cancer. Social media post have revealed that Vernessa Taylor, who was originally from the Bahamas, passed away Tuesday (September 3rd) at just 62 yrs old. Nicki Minaj showed love to Trina […]

  In sad news, Oprah Winfrey lost her mother on Thanksgiving. Vernita Lee died in her home in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on Thanksgiving at the age of 83, according to The family kept the matter very quiet over the holiday weekend and they have already held a private ceremony. According to, Lee was born on May […]

17 year old Lachelle Anderson of Columbus has been charged with murdering her one year old daughter Lalanna Sharpe.  Columbus Police say the incident took place at the 800 block of 22nd Street.  Authorities say the child succumbed to stab wounds after being found at Nationwide Children’s Hospital.

An image of a white toddler clutching a black baby doll has gone viral, along with the story behind it. Brandi Benner had told her two-year-old daughter that she could pick out a new toy as a reward for potty training, and when they went to Target to do so, the little girl picked out […]

A New Mexico mother was reminded of her own homeless past after her young son began to ask to take two lunches to school everyday.

A Connecticut woman recorded video of a man verbally attacking her as she publicly breastfed her child inside a Target store earlier this week. Jessie Maher posted a video of the incident on Facebook June 13. Maher said in the post, she was breastfeeding in the Target cafe, when a man called her “disgusting” and […]

The world is watching the parents of the little boy who fell into a gorilla’s habitat.   The world was stunned when video emerged of a 4-year-old boy falling into a gorilla enclosure at the Cincinnati Zoo. Zoo directors ultimately made the decision to kill the 17-year-old animal, fearing for the baby’s life. Now outrage […]

Such a sweet gesture from a loving son. Melissa Roshan gave birth to her son Trey when she was just 16 years old. The young mom was homeless when he was born, but she did everything she could to ensure a better future for her child, Mashable reports. One of the sacrifices she made was missing […]

Dear Andy Cohen, “Kenya’s Having A Baby” sounds like a great title for a spinoff show. According to The YBF, RHOA star Kenya Moore is on a mission to get pregnant this year. “I am working on undergoing IVF again in the next few months, so I hope to be a mother in the next […]

The news this week is filled with stories about people who should not be having sex. Just yesterday the teacher who admitted to having sex with a teenage student blamed the student’s parents after an emotional trauma lawsuit was brought against her. Now an even more cringe-worthy and questionable sexual situation is making headlines. A mom […]

Geneva Reed-Veal appeared on NewsOne Now to discuss the perjury charge filed against State Trooper Brian Encinia.   On Thursday, Sandra Bland’s mother, Geneva Reed-Veal, appeared…

After asking fans for prayers, Tyrese’s mother is now out of critical condition. Tyrese gushed about her improvement and the glory of God on his Instagram:…