This survey kind of makes me want to be in my golden years fast, because it all sounds great and carefree. According to a new survey of people over 65, you don’t actually become “old” until you hit 77.  And even then, 90% say you’re “only as old as you feel.”  They also shared […]

So, exactly how old will you be when you are officially classified as old? In my opinion, you are as old as you feel you are but a new survey says that the official age of old is 57 yrs old. There are also some common things that we tend to begin to worry about […]

Everybody gets dumped! Even Scarface aka Al Pacino had to go through it and his ex says she dumped him because he was old and very cheap. Al Pacino, 79, and his ex,  Israeli actress Meital Dohan, 40, dated for two years, but they split over their 39-year age gap and his frugality. Dohan told […]

We are all aware of the recent measle outbreak that has spread across 22 states and infected hundreds of people. Millions of people have the vaccine but got it years ago and are wondering if it’s still effective. So, do you need another dose of the vaccine? According to, Beth Moench, an LPN at […]

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As Eazy-E’s legacy begins to ignite, many fans have been reminded that the 31-year-old rapper died in 1995 due to complications from AIDS. As it’s…

In a lot of ways, households 10 years ago looked so different than they do now! Jasmine Sanders explains why with a list of 10 household items…

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Regular diet and exercise not working out for you? Here are some slightly offbeat ways to live a longer life. SOURCE


My friends over at The Freshxpress sent me this and I was so happy that someone addressed this topic. I have been in the nightlife business for some years now. I’ve seen many people come and go through the doors of the city’s top venues. I often said to myself, if I wasn’t making money […]