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So, exactly how old will you be when you are officially classified as old? In my opinion, you are as old as you feel you are but a new survey says that the official age of old is 57 yrs old. There are also some common things that we tend to begin to worry about as we age gracefully. Here are the 10 most common……

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According to, a new survey of 2,000 Americans says, you’re not old until you turn . . . 57.  That seems pretty young to me, but whatever! The survey also found the 10 most common things people worry about as they age are . . .

1.  Overall health.

2.  Wrinkles.

3.  Weight gain.

4.  Gray hair.

5.  Hair loss.

6.  Not being able to take care of themselves.

7.  Age spots.

8.  Being seen as “old.”

9.  Financial security.

10.  Losing their independence.

Most of us can relate to all of these things before we even reached the young age of 57. Stay Healthy and Age Gracefully. For more, information, click here.