British singer Estelle is heading to Versus and Flow on the August 13th episode of Lexus’ Verses & Flow, airing Thursday nights on TV One.…


According to The Huffington Post, before Maya Angelou died in May at the age of 86, she had been working on a rather unique project that blended her beautiful poetry with contemporary hip-hop music. For the project, Dr. Angelou recited her own poems, while producers Shawn Rivera and RoccStarr focused on original beats and instrumentals. […]


There It Is by Jayne Cortez (1982) And if we don’t fight if we don’t resist if we don’t organize and unify and get the…


The R&B world just got the breath of fresh air it needed with Eric Roberson’s latest album “Mr. Nice Guy” inspired by the poem “Nice Guys Finish Last” by Columbus poet Wali. The spoken-word piece is about how the ladies can sometimes tend to choose the bad guys over the nice guys and although they […]