The usually quiet neighborhood of Colchester Road in Upper Arlington is certainly missing a friendly voice. “It’s going to be very strange not having him around,” Mary Keyes said about James Roth. According to Upper Arlington Police, 61-year-old James Roth and his wife, 60-year-old Elizabeth Roth, both were allegedly shot by their daughter on […]

The set of the new show that Gabrielle Union and Jessica Alba are starring in was shut down due to a serious accident. The show, “LA Finest’s”, is a spin-off of the “Bad Boys” franchise and is also executive produced by Union and Alba. Check out the trailer below:   According to, Multiple people […]

Exactly a week after a gunman massacred nine people at a historic Black church in South Carolina, police are investigating a deliberate fire that destroyed a predominantly…

According to TMZ, Suge Knight collapsed after the hearing and was taken to the hospital by an ambulance.  Suge Knight just got the worst news possible … a judge sided with the prosecutor in his murder case and set bail at $25 MILLION. The judge feels Suge is a danger to be out and about given his extensive […]


You can’t talk about Fall in Columbus and not mention The Circleville Pumpkin Show. According to Fox 28/ ABC 6,  the weigh-in took four and a half hours this morning, but a new record was set for the weight. The champion is not new to the gourd throne. The previous record was set by Bob […]

This year more than 1500 people came out to the Essence Music Festival and attended the Special Event Travel (SET) Network’s 6th annual “Mid-Day” Boat Party & first “LOL” Comedy Show. 6 years ago the network was doubted for wanting to try something new and innovative. However, both events sold-out for this year’s festival and […]