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Getting rid of scars, especially when it comes to darker skin types, can be a challenge. However, it’s still possible to remove those stubborn scars.…

You mean well but… stop it. 1. Overstocking Your Medicine Cabinet Image by Shutterstock Quite simply: you’re using too many products. “A complicated skin regimen, with a lot of active ingredients and preservatives, can end up throwing oil into the fire,” says Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank, a cosmetic dermatologist based in New York. “People who have average […]

Come winter, your skin, immunity system and energy levels take a hit, but eating these food will help you get back on track and feeling like yourself again!

What's your New Year's Resolution? How about improving your skin with these easy-to-remember tips? Sleeping in your makeup or skimping on sunscreen are no-no's!

There are simple natural ways to remove acne scars. The appearance of acne starts during puberty when the body actively produces hormones that causes too much sebum in the skin. The scars are often embarrassing and emotionally disturbing to many adults. How Being Happy Lowers Your Chance Of Having A Stroke When we are younger […]

As far as treating sunburns are concerned, prevention is the best cure, as treatment may take a longer period in completely getting rid of it. Most of the sunburns are first degree burns that are the affected skin is only red and painful, which can be easily treated with home remedies. However, there are certain […]

Does your skin immediately sting or turn red when you apply makeup or skin care products? If yes, then you have sensitive skin. In many cases,  the ingredients *sulfates and *parabens are the reasons why your skin reacts so negatively. Is it too much to ask for a beauty product that won’t cause you unbearable discomfort when applied? For a time it was, but some well-known and […]

Acne treatment products litter hundreds of store shelves in the hopes that one will be chosen to cure you of this embarrassing affliction – an affliction that’s followed you from your teenage years into adulthood. Because June is dubbed National Acne Awareness Month, know that you aren’t alone in your search for all sorts of solutions dermatologist-prescribed or over-the-counter acne products that positively impact your complexion. Preventative treatments like Zeno Heat Treat […]

It’s often said that a woman has a special glow when she’s pregnant, but what does that woman do when her glow is hidden behind a wall of pregnancy acne? She uses one of these products specifically made for expectant mommy’s to treat her delicate skin. If you’re concerned about what products are safe to use while you’re pregnant, let that your […]

MAC’s Finally Flawless Collection contains light diffusing optics minimize the visibility of imperfections leaving the skin ‘finally flawless! Mineralize Foundation SPF 15 is a rich, luxurious compact foundation offering a creamy application for a flawless, medium-build-able, naturally revitalized, fully dimensional finish. Lightweight and silky to apply. Good for all skin types; particularly benefits dull and/or […]