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Comedian Kelly Kellz speaks with Sean Anthony about growing up in Milwaukee; doing stand-up while balancing motherhood, and her time at Central State University. She also spoke about her influence on social media and how it has impacted her career.

Jamie Foxx wants to return to stand up comedy! He has plans on returning to his roots and is even planning a tour. There’s one particular comedic legend that he wants to join him on the road. Eddie Murphy!! Check out the footage of Foxx talking to Ellen DeGeneres about possibly team up with Murphy. […]

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George Lopez and a woman who attended his stand-up show had a bit of a standoff in the middle of his routine when she apparently disagreed with the sentiment of one of his jokes at the Celebrity Theatre in Phoenix. “There’s still two rules in the f**king Latino family,” Lopez joked. “Don’t marry somebody black, and […]

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  We’re going to go ahead and call Dave Chappelle a hero. After hosting Saturday Night Live for the first time earlier this month — just days after the devastating election — Chappelle is releasing three standup specials on Netflix for his first television project in 12 years. Yes, his return is long overdue — but […]


NeNe Leakes found another way to expand her brand and make money! She’s getting in the stand-up comedy game! According to E!, NeNe said “I’m not gonna try to be a comedian. I’m just gonna be NeNe Leakes. I’m just gonna take the stage and say and do what I do.” Let Nene tell it, she doesn’t […]

Just weeks after having the "Damn, Daniel" dudes and DJ Khaled on her show, Ellen DeGeneres welcomed her most inspiring guest yet.

  The truth about Bill Cosby’s relationship with rape culture may have been sitting right in front of our faces for the last forty years. While…