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Comedian and actress Mo’Nique was invited on The View to talk about her Netflix boycott when things took a turn for the worse. Wrapped up in a previous conflict between her, Tyler Perry, Oprah Winfrey, and Lee Daniels, Mo’Nique started to complain about their strained relationship, according to Page Six. Like she said in the past, Mo’Nique explained that she and her career were being punished […]

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Where is Whoopi Goldberg when you need her? The highly publicized appearance of Tomi Lahren on “The View” was actualized after Lahren sat down with the show’s panel hosts on Friday to explain why her brand of conservatism elicits a specific type of appeal. Lahren, who hosts an internet show on “The Blaze,” branded herself as the representative for a specific portion […]

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Not sure if this is good news or bad but The View’s Raven Simone has decided to leave the show as co-host. Simone made the announcement on Thursday’s show and will be working on the Disney’s remixed to That’s So Raven.  “There’s no title yet, but I’m calling it That’s So Raven 2. It’s Raven […]

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It seems as if Whoopi and Raven were “African American” when it was convenient for their careers. Here we go again. We’re not even a…

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Whoopi Goldberg was surprised to hear that NeNe Leakes didn’t have a good time on “The View,” but she still wasn’t here for the drama. During her recent appearance on “Watch What Happens Live,” one viewer asked Whoopi whether she thought the hosts of “The View” were ganging up on her. The comedian was completely […]

Nene Leakes paid a visit to The View on this week to promote her latest Broadway role as Mama Morton in classic show Chicago, but things…

ABC has stated that no amount of Raven-Symone‘s on-screen shenanigans will get them to kick her off of “The View. Raven has managed to go from one of our favorite young stars to an insufferable TV personality who continues to make completely outrageous statements. Even her own father has stated that she often says some […]

A law enforcement official in South Carolina is on leave after a video went viral this week showing him tossing a female high school student…

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After her embarrassing and plain silly comments about people with ghetto names like “Watermelondrea,” Raven Symone was schooled by political commentator Ann Coulter on this…

Raven-Symoné crawled back to social media after being dragged from one end of the internet to the other to backpedal on her “very discriminatory” position…

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A parent can only do so much when it comes to raising their children to be a well-adjusted adult who exercises common sense. Raven-Symoné’s folks know this better than anyone after feeling some of the backlash for her recent discriminatory comments on “The View.” When Raven gleefully said she wouldn’t hire anyone with an ethnic […]

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Raven-Symone just can’t seem to stop putting her foot in her mouth. The View co-host has found herself in hot water again after her comments on the panel’s topic “Are You Judged By Your Name?” went viral. Her remarks caused fans to roast her on social media. clearly raven symone is irrelevant pic.twitter.com/AwLd2OerRQ — greg (@n9viv) October 9, […]