This coronavirus pandemic is affecting all types of businesses and share ride giant Uber is the latest to make cuts. According to AP, Uber said yesterday (May 6th) that it’s cutting 3,700 full-time workers, which is about 14 percent of its workforce. It is  the latest layoffs affecting “sharing economy” companies, which have been hurt […]

Wow! The rideshare service, Uber, has reported more than 3000 sexual assaults during it’s 1.3 billion rides in the U.S. alone in 2018! This report counts both riders and driver that have been attacked. According to, there were 229 rapes reported as well as reports on traffic deaths and murders. This is all a […]

Another day, another company doing some uncalled for racist stuff! This time it’s Uber apologizing for using the n-word on their twitter account when responding to a customer who was complaining about a bad experience with the rideshare company. It may not have been totally Uber’s fault. Check out the tweet below:   Upon some […]


The ridesharing company gonna help us save some coins. Thanks to the City of Dublin for paring up with the Central Ohio Safe Ride program to offer discounted Uber rides during the Memorial Tournament. According to 10TV, “the discounts are worth up to $10 for any ride to or from the drop off/pick-up locations at […]


Friendly Reminder: Consent Matters! Brandon Franklin, an Uber driver, was sentenced to 4 1/2 years in prison after being found guilty of sexually assaulting a woman he was driving home. The woman claims that she was intoxicated and woke up to Franklin having sex with her in her house, in Akron, OH. After waking up, […]


Can snacks serve up valuable life advice? We’ve sobbed “WHY DO THEY ALWAYS LEAVE” at bags of Utz on several occasions, but the spokesgirl has never provided an answer. That’s probably for the best. Thankfully, Frito-Lay have gotten around to engineering a bag of chips that can give some some necessary answers. Namely, is that […]

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These nonstop Uber horror stories are enough to make you embrace the caveman days and flag a cab instead.

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Uber is introducing five new violations that can get you banned! From now on, you can be banned for damaging the drivers’ property. This includes throwing up in the car, spilling food or smoking. Uber says that physical contact with the driver, or other riders, will not be tolerated! That includes sex in the vehicle […]


A former driver for the ride-hailing service Uber has pleaded guilty to kidnapping and raping a woman, and was sentenced to serve 10 to 12 years in prison. Middlesex District Attorney Marian Ryan says 47-year-old Alejandro Done pleaded guilty Friday to aggravated rape, kidnapping, and assault and battery. The victim had arranged for a ride from Boston […]

  Have you ever taken an Uber? Well, I have and its pretty much replaced cabs when I want to get around. Uber is in…


70-year-old Ken Wayne Broskey is a terminally ill Uber driver who took the job to pay off the house he shares with his daughter and…

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A New York Police officer has been caught on tape verbally abusing an Uber driver! The Uber driver beeped his horn at the unmarked police car for not using his turn signal and this is what happened…… WARNING EXPLICIT LANGUAGE    According to ABC News after this video was released the officer in the video is […]