While so many of us were praising Solange for her bold modern New Orleans last weekend,  many too to the internet to insult her and Blue Ivy for wearing their natural hair! Is natural black hair really that bad?  So many people are insulted by natural hair and use many choice words such as […]

  Col. Lynette Arnhart added that ‘attractive’ women get by with their looks.   The U.S. Army should only show “ugly” to “average looking” women…

The mean moms of Facebook: Mothers create group dedicated to sharing photos of other people’s DISABLED and ‘ugly’ children Melissa Anetucci has made it her mission to expose the identity of the mean mothers in the now deleted facebook group ‘An ugly baby thread. I have died and gone to heaven…why can’t you guys live […]

In American culture good looks seem to be idolized more than personality or intelligence to the point that some of people’s biggest fear is being seen as ugly. We are constantly swarmed with advertisements, billboards, commercials, television shows, movies, and other forms of media that make us feel that we always need some type of […]