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The mean moms of Facebook: Mothers create group dedicated to sharing photos of other people’s DISABLED and ‘ugly’ children

  • Melissa Anetucci has made it her mission to expose the identity of the mean mothers in the now deleted facebook group
  • ‘An ugly baby thread. I have died and gone to heaven…why can’t you guys live near me so we can do this over cocktails?’ said one cruel commenter
  • ‘We think out children are beautiful and miracles and have somebody even though you know it’s not true to have somebody say something negative or derogatory about your child.. it hurts,’ said Veach of comments about her targeted child

A facebook group dedicated to criticizing ‘ugly’ babies proves that bullying is not just an act of teenagers.

The private facebook group, which has since been removed, is composed of grown women around the country who grab photos of toddlers from other mothers’ facebook pages without approval and post them online for criticizing.

The group was originally designed to trade and sell children’s clothing but took a nasty turn.

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Ellen Veach’s 2-year-old daughter (right) was cruelly compared to a cartoon character (left)

One mother, Melissa Anetucci, of Palm Beach, Fla. has made it her mission to fight against the self-proclaimed ‘mean girls group’ and to expose their wildly inappropriate behavior. She began posting the mother’s comments online in order to exploit their cruel remarks.

Anetucci told, ‘The things that these mothers said were the most horrific things that I have ever seen, being a mom and knowing that they are moms.’

Another mother, Ellen Veach, of Pheonix, Ariz. told Fox News she was terrified to discover that a photo of her 2-year-old daughter was taken from her facebook and pictured next to a cartoon character.

Ellen Veach (right) spoke to a Fox correspondent (top left) about the horrific discovery that her child’s photo was being circulated online

Veach says she didn’t realize that friends of friends could access her photos on facebook. It was a friend who notified her her daughter’s photo was circulating online.

‘So I’m posting pictures of my son’s first day in kindergarten or Ivy’s new outfit or something just naively posting it up there so my friends can see, not realizing there’s a group that takes these pictures and targets these children and makes fun of them. Like that’s just something I wouldn’t even think a mother or grown woman would do,’ Veach told Fox.

One ‘mean girl’ wrote, ‘Before I address this…It…I want to point out that it makes my heart happy that you have a Mean Girls tab in your computer. Good stuff. Now, # 1 is this a he or a she…You absolutely can not fix ugly. This is a God given example of such.’

This Facebook comment was one of the many harsh remarks by the grown-up ‘Mean Girls’
The comments go on and on in the private ‘toddler bashing’ facebook group which has since been deleted