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Many people today are feeling slightly uncomfortable  with having a sigh of relief over Osama Bin Laden’s death.Most are uncomfortable with what appears to be the jubilant nature of the nations response. There are many reasons why people took to the streets to chant “USA! USA!”.  If you were in NY it was vindication. If you were in Washington D.C. it was because it’s our capital. All across the country people are talking about our brothers, sisters, daughters sons, husbands and wives who are fighting wars in countries far away.

Native New Yorkers  had to look at the cloud of smoke that hung over our homes for the days and worry about missing friends. Some of us had to experience the fear of fighter jets flying over head. You would not be too easy to say, “It’s another man’s country.”, if you felt your very life threatened.

I have traveled the world. Rest assured that there is no place on Earth like home. Here in America I am free. I am free to be, what I want, say what I want and go where I want and to worship how I see fit, when I see fit.  If you have a doubt about that I want you to walk outside your home right now. I want you to scream the word freedom is here! Your neighbors might think you are crazy, but no one is going to take you away. The response you see is patriotism.

Patriotism is taking ownership in your country.  One of the major problems right now with the military is that the media and the public schools have induced a sense of anti-patriotism in our children and young adults. By reporting only the negative things about our country and by teaching such in our schools and colleges, they have undone two centuries of Americanism. Only a patriot would willingly lay down his life for his country.

Only a patriot would serve in public office and attempt to resist the tide of corruption there. Only a patriot would run his business in a fair and just manner even if it cost him something in the short term. Patriotism is standing up for your country, good or bad.  Its supporting your government even if you don’t always agree with them, but you respect the office.

However, it is  knowing you have the freedom to challenge the government if you need to.  It is knowing that in a time of need, your fellow countrymen will be willing to fight for you.  It’s showing your support to the soldiers even if you don’t agree they should be over there. It’s giving our flag RESPECT because its the one thing that we have to symbolize our country. It is knowing that no matter how many mistakes our forefathers made, we have all learned from them and need to move on! Its knowing that no matter what we have our constitution to fall back on and it is NOT outdated! It is knowing that no matter what happens, I have choices and I can make those choices…without the Government’s interference. For example…right to bear arms, right to freedom of speech, right to vote.

It is not taking the freedom of your people. It is not creating an atmosphere of fear and loathing. It is not destroying the communities that disagree with your point of view. That is the difference between what Osama fostered and what we believe and act on as Americans.

This is why the celebration hit the streets. All people of faith   pray for all those whose lives were ripped away. All people of  faith pray for all those families who struggle.  All people of faith pray for all those who volunteered and have fallen ill because they helped.  It is a matter of pride in one’s country not a question of one’s faith.

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