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Looks like my story of “Love & Hip Hop” Chrissy Lampkin giving Kimbella a beatdown during the show taping did go down. In the video below Chrissy gives Kimbella a beating when Kimbella admits to dating Emily’s baby daddy Fabolous three years ago and Emily responds with SHE was pregnant three years ago!

Damn! Things looks like they’re going to get real interesting this upcoming season. Wonder if they’ll touch on Juelz giving Kimbella a smackdown ! Yeah did you know about that one????

Look for the show to return on November 14th, and check out the super trailer to see it all go down. Kimbella you really need to learn how to protect yourself, Chrissy has a mean jab!

Juelz Santana’s Girlfriend & Baby Mama Joins “Love & Hip-Hop” Cast

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