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I used to watch “Basketball Wives,” then it became an all-out women’s fight fest and I quickly lost interest, especially in the latest season where bullying became the main theme of the show. Former cast member, Meeka Claxton may have left the show last season, but not without a fight. Tami Roman, some say the show’s biggest bully, slapped Meeka across Italy and in a letter, Meeka let it be known that she’s not like these women. She even took legal action against Tami.

Now after seeing this season and watching Roman bully other cast mates–particularly Kesha Nichols–Meeka wants to know why she wasn’t considered a victim of Tami’s bullying and even posed the question in the form of a blog post. Well, Meeka–here’s why.

1. Meeka entered “BBW” as if she was interviewing each girl to see which circle she’d fit best into. Instead of getting to know these women fairly, Meeka placed her on value system on each woman for friendship. That’s not how you get friends Meeka.

2. Where Kesha Nichols was helpless in her defense against Tami, Meeka was not. She isn’t some mousy little thing that can easily be dominated by Tami. Meeka came in as a dominant force, then allowed herself to be punked out by Tami.

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3. Meeka did a lot of talking behind Tami’s back to Tami’s own friends. When someone has nothing but mean-hearted things to say about someone else to that person’s friends, it will get back to them and as a grown woman, you will be responsible for what you’ve said.

4. Evelyn holds on hard to grudges. She pretty much never lets up when you get on her bad side. When Evelyn shed tears over Tami’s mistreatment of Kesha, hell froze over. That’s how you can tell the situation between the ladies was serious. Had Meeka been in the same boat, Evelyn would have shown her some sympathy.

This was all in fun. Bullying–whether by kids or grown women on reality shows is no laughing matter. Meeka’s blog post does make significant points. While I personally believe she wasn’t bullied on the show the way Kesha and Kenya Bell were, she does have a right to wonder why all the taking a stand now? Check out this quote from Meeka’s blog:

“What really hurts me are all of the talk show hosts and journalists that are suddenly disturbed by what they are seeing.  Taking stands, boycotting, signing petitions etc…Isn’t this what I contacted all of you about last year? I asked for your support, none of which I received. Am I less of a human being?”

Do you think Meeka deserves the same courtesy as Kenya and Kesha? Let’s discuss on Twitter @Rhapsodani.


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