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TMZ reports that according to sources, Rodney King’s home going services will be held SaturdayJuly 30,, 2012  in Hollywood.  It’s also reported that  the family hasn’t contacted Cynthia (Rodney’s live in finacee) since the day after Rodney died … and doesn’t plan to.

Several sources indicate that Cynthia hasn’t made any efforts to make arrangements for Rodney — so the family doesn’t feel the need to reach out.  We’re told the family is also still skeptical about Cynthia’s story — that she heard Rodney banging on the window around 5 AM Sunday and then heard him fall in the pool.

The family doesn’t believe Rodney drowned on his own because — as one source put it — Rodney was always a great swimmer. Some family members don’t have any hard feelings toward Cynthia — but we’re told many don’t want to speak to her until an official cause of death has been released.

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