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Enough is enough. When is someone going to hook our girl Fantasia up with a real tutor or something? Homegirl lashed out at her critics for the second time over comments she made about gays on Instagram. Despite her being right in her argument, everything gets lost in the sauce because she can’t spell!

Everything jumped off when Fantasia post a picture on Instagram where she called our country for judging her moral code while marijuana and gay marriage is being legalized. Basically, all she really meant to say was don’t throw stones if you live in a glass house. However, it didn’t come out like that and Fantasia wound up offending the gay community and pot heads alike.

After catching a lot of heat for her comments, the former American Idol apologized. Apparently, that wasn’t enough for some and they continued to pelt her with insults. In response to the ongoing negativity, Fantasia posted another photo on Instagram and though it eased some tension with the gay community, Fantasia’s English tutor is going to be pissed.

Want to see why? Peep the Instagram post below. If you can’t figure out why Fantasia’s English tutor should be mad, you need to sit in the class with Fantasia. READ MORE

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