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mediterranean diet 615.jpgPivotal research in the New England Journal of Medicine today confirmed well-worn notions that the Mediterranean diet — including produce, olive oil, nuts, etc. — significantly reduced rates of heart attacks and strokes, as compared to a low-fat diet. Now, to make these foods as accessible as corn sugar. SOURCE

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When research has to be stopped because it would be “unethical to continue,” it suggests one of a few polarizing scenarios. In this case, it’s because the study found something that was clearly good. So good that after five years of watching trends in heart disease and strokes among people at high risk, the researchers could not in good conscience continue to recommend a “low-fat diet” to anyone. READ MORE HERE


Here’s how the study defined and broke down the diets it tested:

Recommended in Mediterranean diet

nejm shot 1.jpg
New England Journal of Medicine

Discouraged in Mediterranean diet

NEJM shot 2.jpg
New England Journal of Medicine

Recommended in low-fat diet

nejm shot 3.jpg
New England Journal of Medicine

Discouraged in low-fat diet

nejm shot 4.jpg