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I’ll level with you, folks. I’ve been kinda hoping the other shoe just wouldn’t drop regarding allegations that Elmo puppeteer Kevin Clash had sex with underage boys for years while also bringing to life one of America’s most beloved icons of childhood. After a brief lull that almost let us forget that happened, the story has returned in full force, with one of Clash’s accusers bringing a lawsuit against Clash making the details of his allegations more clear and forever connecting the phrases “Elmo puppeteer” and “crystal meth sex party” in the American psyche.

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The crystal meth sex party detailed in the suit allegedly took place when accuser Sheldon Stephens was just 16, and was hosted at the apartment of Clash’s chauffer, where according to the suit, Clash used crystal meth and gave some to the then teenaged Stephens before engaging in sex acts with him. Though Stephens–who once recanted his accusations before a cash settlement fell apart–was the first accuser to come forward, there have been others since.

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Clash, who left Sesame Street after these accusations surfaced in November of last year, has admitted to having a relationship with Stephens but claims it only became sexual after Stephens turned 18.  A lawyer for Clash has denied the truth of the charges, while simultaneously pointing out that the lawsuit is ”barred by the statute of limitations,” which sends kind of a mixed message to me, but then what do I know? SOURCE