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1. This…Can’t Be Good For Business.

This...Can't Be Good For Business.

Via reddit, where the redditor swears it’s not Photoshopped.

Grade: F

2. Flower Shop

Flower Shop

In Spokane, WA.

Nice riff off of current events!

Grade: A

3. Pawn Shop

Pawn Shop

It rhymes, which is almost always a plus for memorability.

But that big, honking QR code on the door makes me queasy.

Grade: B

4. Local Bar

Local Bar

In Melbourne, AUS.

Pretty much the best line you could write for a bar.

Grade: A

5. Massage Boy

Massage Boy

Via Amsterdam.

That’s a lot information delivered in four short words. Bravo.

Grade: B

6. RPM


RPM is a chain, but this is a local tagline.

I like the bottom line, as it’s maybe the first ever truthful slogan from an auto mechanic.

But that first line with the suspicious quotes kinda ruins the vibe.

Grade: B-

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7. Some Local Gym

Some Local Gym

Via a Sheffield, England gym, but I’ve seen this line used by several other local gyms, so points off for unoriginality. And sometimes, honesty is not the best policy.

Grade: C-

Via: imgur.com

8. Shoe repair

Shoe repair

Well, the S&M crowd will flock.

The Fundies, however, might burn the place down.

Grade: B-

9. Antique Store

Antique Store

In Grass Valley, CA.

OK, not a slogan, but a business name.

About 40% Clever and 60% Creepy.

Grade: C-

10. Coffee Shop

Coffee Shop

In Shoreditch, London.

Too-forced puns always make me wince.

But, a nice effort.

Grade: B-

11. Plant shop

Plant shop

In Sumner, WA.

Now here’s a pun that works.

Grade: A-

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