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Single women: Would you date a man who is absolutely committed to celibacy?

No sex until marriage. Not even once. And it’s not negotiable.

Kenny Pugh, author, financial professional, motivational speaker, is taking an unconventional approach to life as a black man in 2013: Sexual abstinence.

At 38 years old, Pugh is black, male and heterosexual, and hasn’t had sex in more than seven years. And he doesn’t plan to be sexually intimate with a woman until he gets married.

“I’ve been celibate for seven years and I’m an advocate for a lifestyle that empowers people to make good decisions about relationships moving forward,” Pugh said in a recent interview with

It’s an old-school philosophy in a new-age era because sex, Pugh says, clouds good judgment. But some women aren’t down for celibacy, Pugh said, and some openly question if he’s really heterosexual.

Pugh, a contributing writer with Black Enterprise magazine, is promoting his new book: “Can You Do It Standing Up: A Different Position On Relationships.”

The book, Pugh said, challenges readers to abstain from sex and focus of building substantial relationships that are deeper, more spiritual, and ultimately more rewarding. Pugh said we all live in a sexually-driven society and his new book offers an alternative.

“Can we communicate standing up? Can we pray standing up? Can you support me standing up? Can we have an effective relationship standing up?” Pugh asked.

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