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It’s always a good idea to keep things fresh. Remember these key components, and get closer, so you can go further.

1. Making out is underrated.

Making out is underrated.

Making out with your SO is always thrilling — and fun, and intimate, and refreshing. Make time for it, even if you’re both busy. It can happen anywhere. Remember when making out was hot as hell and didn’t have to lead to anything else? Reclaim that.

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2. Be spontaneous with your hands.

Be spontaneous with your hands.

Your partner will appreciate it when you sneak up and give them a massage — it reminds them that you’re still attracted to them in more ways than one.

3. Be affectionate when you’re sitting together.

Be affectionate when you're sitting together.

Rub their leg, touch their arm, hold hands. These are all little actions that remind them that you’re together, and you still feel that deeper connection.

4. Get out of the bedroom.

Get out of the bedroom.

It doesn’t all have to start — or end — here.

5. Do new things with each other.

Do new things with each other.

Foreplay doesn’t always start with the obvious actions, or even at home. Build anticipation with other intimate activities. Do something new with your partner, like taking a dance class, and keep things interesting.

6. Switch it up.

Switch it up.

Try to avoid getting into a repetitive pattern with your sexual activity. Does it always happen at a certain time of the day? Take the same amount of time? Variety is the spice you need to keep things interesting — try making intimacy and contact the goal, and not necessarily sex.

7. Take baths together.

Take baths together.

It helps create a sense of shared intimacy when you perform simple things like this together. Cuddle where no one can intrude on your moment, leave the phones and all other distractions as far away as possible and just enjoy each others company.

8. Go into it with the mentality of giving pleasure, not receiving it.

Go into it with the mentality of giving pleasure, not receiving it.

You’d be surprised how much more enjoyable things can be if you go into the act with a giving mentality instead a receiving one. A little selflessness goes a long way in keeping the fire burning in your relationship.

9. Cook dinner together.

Cook dinner together.

It’s a strange thought that something so basic as dinner could be considered anything related to foreplay. But the act of creating something as intimate as a shared meal can be anything and everything to your relationship. When inserted into every day life with regularity, activities like this help stimulate your partner.

10. Forget about actual sex.

Forget about actual sex.

Literally don’t think about that being the result and just enjoy the chemistry for what it is. Things will get really hot, way sooner. SOURCE

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