This has not been the best year for single people to get a date.  Some people are willing to relocate to cities that show more promise when it comes to the dating scene.  A new study ranked the 182 biggest cities in the U.S. from the best place for single people to the worst. Check […]


Dating during a pandemic isn’t the easiest thing to do, but for those who are managing it, or are looking forward to it, here are some of the most: underrated place for a date during the pandemic?” According to Reddit: Aquariums are awesome and you can still practice social distancing. A good local breakfast spot. […]


It was hard enough getting your love life poppin before the pandemic, now single people are trying to figure out how dating will change once the pandemic eases up. Here a 5 ways dating will change according to relationship and self-care experts. Check it out below: Here are 5 ways that online dating will change […]

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Is this happening? The rumor mill sure is buzzing about an alleged relationship between our favorite moon child India Arie and the hilarious comedian/actor Chris Tucker. There are conflicting reports, one says the dated for a whole 13 years right in front of our faces and recently broke up. The other says they’re still dating […]

The 10 episode documentary series, The Last Dance, has started some rumors about Dennis Rodman’s love life. It even has The Living Legend Toni Braxton caught up in the mix. Ms. Braxton is setting the record straight about her and former NBA baller Dennis Rodman. Just days after the third and fourth episode of The […]

Lauren London is not the one to play with. Rumors starting circulating that Lauren was dating the Bad Boy himself, Sean Diddy Combs, after fans feel he posted a pic that insinuated that they had something going on. London made sure to shut those rumors down. It all started when Diddy posted pics from last […]

This is an interesting couple…allegedly! Reports say that Basketball Wives LA star, Jennifer Williams is dating rapper Rick Ross and his ex-girlfriend is not happy about it. She even called Jennifer out on social media about it. Just flip through the pics below to get all the tea: According to TheShadeRoom, Ross’ ex Briteady called out […]

The popular dating app, Tinder, is finally adding features that aim to help people feel more safe on dates. Tinder is adding a new panic button among other features to help you not worry about the bad things that can possibly happen when meeting up with a stranger for the first time. According to, […]

The rumor mill is continuing to circulate about rapper Common and comedian Tiffany Haddish having a romance. Common is allegedly not with analyst Angela Rye anymore and has Tiffany in his sights. Angela has shown up to a number of events lately with out her man by her side which fueled speculation. According to, […]

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Ways for Singles to Celebrate Valentine’s Day By TresSugar Valentine’s Day is not just a holiday for couples – it’s a holiday of love, which…

TLC member, Chilli, says that black women definitely need to date outside of their race and be more open to the swirl. Chilli confirms that she is dating “outside” her race even though she did not confirm who the gentlemen is. Chilli spoke about her hopes for black women, saying, “I want for women — especially […]

Is Nicki messing with us? She just shocked everyone on social media when she said that she was dating rapper Eminem! It all began when she posted a video on IG to promote “Big Bank” that features rappers 2 chains, Big Sean, and YG.  One of her followers asked Nicki, “Are You Dating Eminem?” Nicki […]