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The writings of a man identifying himself as Kevin Curtis in Mississippi document “the actions of what I believe to be that of a secret shadow government…(hiding) the truth behind the illegal organ harvesting market.” A Paul Kevin Curtis has been arrested in connection with letters sent to President Obama and Congress that tested positive for ricin. SOURCE

WASHINGTON — Following the arrest of Paul Kevin Curtis in connection with the mailing of letters to President Barack Obama and U.S Senator Roger Wicker (R-Miss) that initially tested positive for the poison ricin, NBC reported that “both letters are signed: ‘I am KC and I approve this message.'”Now, other writings from a “Kevin Curtis” — focused on his experience as a former employee of North Mississippi Medical Center — have been found, and both pages end on a similar note:

“This is Kevin Curtis& I approve this message.”


“This is Kevin Curtis and I approve this report.”

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The writings of this Kevin Curtis, also of Mississippi, appear connected to each other — as well as several social media accounts, active as recently as earlier Wednesday. The writings document “the actions of what I believe to be that of a secret shadow government in which I feel have been put into place by higher powers to be in order to hide the truth behind the illegal organ harvesting market which I began investigating in 2000.”

A newspaper photograph of a Kevin Curtis, who is an Elvis impersonator and runs a cleaning business, is both on a Facebook page for a Kevin Curtis and at one of the sites on which his writings are found.

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