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Chris-Brown-MJ-6“I wanted to change it up and really be different. Like my style nowadays, I don’t try to be typical urban. I want to be like how Prince, Michael and Stevie Wonder were. They can cross over to any genre of music.” – Chris Brown

Does Chris Brown do it for you?! Team Breezy would say YES with no hesitation. Regardless if you like how he handles situations outside of music, this young man might be the piece of the puzzle we need. With the death of Michael Jackson, there has been a huge void in that space. Is Chris Brown the answer? It seems in his own unconventional way Mr. Brown is evolving into something close to what we miss from Michael. It might sound like blasphemy and I wouldn’t argue if that was said. However, in many cases, when it comes to the music, we sometimes get a glimpse of greatness. Chris Brown does possess a lot of the qualities Michael Jackson did without the comforts of a massive machine that developed him throughout his career. (Not taking anything from Chris Brown’s amazing team.) But let’s be real … Michael had Barry Gordy (Motown) and Quincy Jones.

NUMBER 5: Defying the Odds

After the unfortunate situation with his girlfriend, Rihanna, which resulted in an assault charge in 2009, the world went black on the young R&B/Pop star. The industry that “showed him love” turned their back on this young man for a mistake that he made (Not saying he should not deal with the consequences of his actions). However, as a young man there should have been and still be individuals that can be an example to Chris and show him the right way. Nonetheless, Chris was still able to use this negative energy to vent and express how he felt through mixtapes. His passion for music and his adoring, LOYAL fans pushed him back to the top. In this case, he seems similar to Michael when he reinvented himself after he broke from The Jackson 5. Michael did not know he would become the king of Pop after he left the Jackson 5. Chris Brown also did not realize his daring acts of expression would land him back on top. These situations made both of these artists stronger.

NUMBER 4: X Factor

The X factor is nothing that can be explained when it comes to an artist. It is nothing you can calculate or create. It is just something an artists has or doesn’t have. Michael Jackson had that X factor. It was this unexplainable force that always separated him from anyone else on the stage. It seems Chris Brown possesses this same factor which helps him to shine in this age of musical darkness. When you see them perform you just know and feel they have something special.

NUMBER 3: Timeless Music

Timeless music separates the average artist from the extraordinary artist. Will your music be remembered or be relevant in the future? Chris Brown has been creating songs that are becoming stronger and stronger. “Fine China” is a perfect example of timeless music he has the potential to create. 


The fans go crazy for Chris Brown. They support him in all he does. They cry, faint and scream for him, expressing those uncontrollable feelings they have in their heart. Team Breezy is a group of dedicated fans that ride or die for Chris no matter what. The passion they have for Breezy is similar to the love Michael Jackson fans had for him.

NUMBER 1: 360 Degrees of A Man

People love to know about the whole person. Chris Brown is very much into a lot beyond the music. The Mechanical Dummy website is an outlet for Chris to express himself and it shows the art, music and fashion he is into. He has been very much involved in urban art and fashion by doing graffiti art pieces and designing his Black Pyramid line. So many young men are mimicking Chris Brown’s style just like they mimicked the glove, socks and jacket of Michael.


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